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Who are we? What can we do for you?


Zach Crowell is the owner & operator of Plumbtastic Solutions LLC.  He is a licensed Master Plumber in the state of Oklahoma and has been in the plumbing industry since 1999.  He is married to Laura Crowell. He is a father of four boys Mark, Josh, Dawson, Jake, and one daughter Sophie. Mark and Josh work for Zach at Plumbtastic Solutions LLC. Dawson is currently enlisted in the Marines, and Jake resides in Madill. Sophie is still in school. In his spare time he enjoys cook outs with his family, spending time on the lake & enjoys riding his Harley. 


As a family business, it is our business and our reputation on the line each and every day. It would be a honor to win you over as long-term customers by providing you with quality workmanship materials and most of all straightforward reasonable costs. Let's face it, we all know most plumbing needs are unanticipated or a demand of emergency, usually at the worst or unexpected time. We are specialized in these situations and would love to help. So next time before it gets drastic, think Plumbtastic!


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