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Tankless Water Heater Installation Services for Edmond, OK

A man doing a tankless water heater installation service in Edmond, OK

Leak Detection

The most effective way to find leaks in underground water pipes is with acoustic water leak detection equipment. This technology is based on the principal that as water escapes through the leak a mechanical vibration is generated and the is vibration is audible with acoustic water leak detection equipment.

Leak detection

Slab Leak Repair

Option 1 is to remove flooring & go through concrete, dig up & expose damaged water line & repair line. Option 2 is to isolate the manifold, disconnect old line & abandon underneath slab, reroute new  water line overhead, reattach manifolds & insulate lines in attic.

slab leak repair.jpg
Slab Leak Repair
water re-pipe or re-route.jpg

Water Re-pipe/Re-routing

The old plumbing is abandoned & rerouted either underneath pier & beam home or overhead with a slab home.

Water re-pipe

Water Line Repair

Repair frozen water line breaks, manifolds, supply lines, copper, pex, poly butylene, galvanized, out side faucets.

water line repair.jpg
Water line repair
toilet repair or replacement.jpg

Toilet Repair/Replacement

Toilet repair can consist of wax ring, new flange bolts, replacing fill valve or flush valve, tank to stool gasket & bolts or installing new toilets.

Toilet repair

Camera Inspections

A camera inspection is a process that inspects a property’s sewer line by inserting a video camera in the sewer pipe. Potential issues can be identified and located with a high-resolution video camera.  Some problems that can be identified are leaks, cracks, breaks & blockages, such as roots.

camera insp2.jpg
camera inspections

Drain Cleaning

If you suspect that your drain is clogged or have noticed the water in your sinks and tub pooling or gurgling in the pipes when you flush, our technicians at Plumbtastic Solutions are highly experienced in cleaning, clearing, and repairing drains that are clogged or broken. 

drain cleaning
camera insp.jpg

Sewer Line Repair/ReplacementWe will generally start by trying to open up the drain line.  Next we will do a camera inspection & locate of the problematic area of the sewer system. From there we determine whether we can repair a particular damaged area in the system or if we need to replace the entire line. Next we will call in city permit and have all utility lines located and marked out before we start any excavating. Then we will excavate area damaged or being replaced. New sewer line will be installed  with 3 or 4 inch pvc pipe.  On new installation of sewer lines we will excavate down to the city sewer main then install a new saddle tap and riser to connect from the sewer line coming from house. We will also install back water valve in between 2 directional clean-outs.  The back water valve is installed to keep raw sewage from backing up in to the house in the event a city main becomes stopped up. Upon completion of installation city inspector will inspect new sewer line or repair then we will back fill ditch line which may leave a small mound of dirt that in time will settle back down level.

sewer line.jpg
sewer line repair
water heater replair replace.jpg

Water Heater Repair/Replacement

Whether it’s replacing the gas valve or the temperature relief valve.  Changing out corroded supply lines or bringing your water heater up to code. Maybe you have an electric tank that needs repaired, our technicians can explain the cost & drawbacks of your options, and maybe aware of types of water heaters that you hadn’t considered.

water heater repair

Tankless Water Heater Installations & Service

Whether you have a tankless water heater in your home already in need of repairs or you are considering an installation, our technicians would be happy to help.  We serve residential, light commercial, and have extensive experience in the field to offer you, when we show up for any repair or installation job.  If you are thinking about having a tankless water heater, we would love to take the time to discuss your needs.

tankless water heater.jpg
tankless water heater
gas leak detection.jpg

Gas Leak Detection & Repair

Gas leaks are both dangerous and common incidents, our technicians at Plumbtastic Solutions can detect gas leaks and repair them.  Most common places for gas leaks can occur in or around your home.  Common places for gas leaks in the home are pipe joints, old shut off valves, tees, unions, flex lines, regulators, and risers.  If not connected tight enough or the thread sealant becomes dry it can start causing leaks, our technicians are skilled at all gas repairs.  If gas service has been off for over a year gas company will require gas pressure test & inspection to restore services.

gas leak detection
drain cleaning.jpg
kitchen plumbing

Kitchen Plumbing

Includes faucet repair/replacement, sink, basket strainers, garbage disposals, p-traps, tail pieces, supply lines, water lines, shut off valves, dishwasher drain, and water connections. Gas flex lines, shut off valves, and gas regulators for service to stoves & cooktops.  Our technicians are equipped to handle any kitchen plumbing issue.

Bathroo plumbing
bathroom remodel.jpg

Bathroom Plumbing

We specialize in bathroom plumbing installation & repair.  We offer comprehensive installation and replacement services for all major bathroom fixture, as well as water lines and drain pipes.  That means we can help you select a new bathtub, toilet, cabinet or sink to fit your specific needs or we can install new pipes or drain lines in your bathroom if you are expanding or remodeling.

Plumbing remodel

Plumbing Remodel 

Plumbing renovations add value to your home.  Updates its style and makes it better adapted to your families current needs.   If your thinking about updating or remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms let Plumbtastic Solutions experience and knowledge of over 20 years help assist you in your next project.


Hydro jet drain service 

A hydro jet is a more sophisticated plumbing tool for clearing drains. It consists of a high-pressure hose with special nozzles that can be attached to the terminal.Hydro-jetting is the most efficient and effective way to remove tree roots and other hardy clogs from your plumbing system. 

Commercial /residential apartments condos

Hydro Jet


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